Nokia Lumia 520 from Koodo Network PIN Code Unlocking

Koodo Network PIN Code Unlocking     Nokia Network PIN Code Unlocking

Koodo Nokia Lumia 520

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Nokia Lumia 520

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Koodo SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

of London
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2020-08-05 |
4.5925/ 5stars
Took 12 hours to get code for my Galaxy S5. I did order at 02:55AM though, so not too bad. The code worked without any problems at all.

of city
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2020-05-02 |
4.5905/ 5stars
you guys rock...very quick and right on...thank you

of Rouyn Noranda
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2020-04-28 |
4.5885/ 5stars
THANKS!!! It works!!

of Vaughan
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2020-04-17 |
4.5819/ 5stars
thank you for unlocking my x10 roger.

of Markham
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2020-04-16 |
4.5811/ 5stars
Thank you very much. Walked me through unlock procedure when I was having some difficulties.

of Brampton
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2020-04-13 |
4.5795/ 5stars
Less than 1 hour and done without acredit card or pay pall after my local store said it was impossible you have a customer for life!

of Oshawa
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2020-03-27 |
4.5692/ 5stars
Thank you this one worked

of Oshawa
Fido Nokia Lumia 520
2020-03-06 |
4.5568/ 5stars
Quick unlock for Rogers HTC 601 (Zara). Have used MobileInCanada before and received nothing but great service from them. Thanks again!

of Laval
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2020-02-27 |
4.5518/ 5stars
Worked perfectly! Very quick turnaround time. Would definitely use again.

of Kitchener
Fido Nokia Lumia 520
2020-01-18 |
4.5278/ 5stars
Thanks for the fast answer! It's now unlock!

of Toronto
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2019-12-22 |
4.5115/ 5stars
great job guys got my z10 unlocked code worked like charm thanks

of London
Bell Nokia Lumia 520
2019-12-16 |
4.5081/ 5stars
u guys rock

of Calgary
three Nokia Lumia 520
2019-11-30 |
4.4984/ 5stars
Very satisfied.

of Calgary
Virgin Mobile Nokia Lumia 520
2019-11-13 |
4.4883/ 5stars
For $25 there service is excellent and a bargain as well.

of Ottawa
Virgin Mobile Nokia Lumia 520
2019-11-02 |
4.4818/ 5stars
Placed order for the code and received it about 2 hours later. Great service.

of Bingerville
chatr Nokia Lumia 520
2016-08-19 |
4.4259/ 5stars
I have received the unlock code for my Nokia Lumia 520 and an Invoice. Thank you very much. Best Regards (Côte d'Ivoire)

of Hope
chatr Samsung galaxy s4
2015-07-20 |
4.3653/ 5stars
Received my unlock code within 2 hours for a chatr Nokia. Worked on the first try. Thanks for everything.

of Toronto
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2015-07-03 |
4.3628/ 5stars
when i got the code it work juste fine, thanks a lot!

of Calgary
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2015-06-16 |
4.3610/ 5stars
All good and cheapest I could find. Not instant but not too long.

of Richmond
Koodo Nokia Lumia 520
2015-04-29 |
4.3540/ 5stars
Thank you everythings working great!

of Toronto
Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
2014-12-24 |
4.3302/ 5stars
Code worked; good affordable price.

of Ottawa
chatr Nokia Lumia 520
2014-12-07 |
4.3272/ 5stars
Great Service will be using them again

of Toronto
Koodo Nokia Lumia 520
2014-11-18 |
4.3249/ 5stars
Great service and cheap, worked great

of Edmonton
Tellus Nokia Lumia 520
2014-09-20 |
4.3117/ 5stars
prices are great

of Toronto
chatr Nokia Lumia 520
2014-09-07 |
4.3079/ 5stars