LG Optimus L7 from Cricket Network PIN Code Unlocking

Cricket Network PIN Code Unlocking     LG Network PIN Code Unlocking

Cricket LG Optimus L7

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your LG Optimus L7

1. Remove the SIM card from the phone
2. Power phone ON
3. Type 2945#*705# or 2945#*71001#
4. Enter in the unlock menu
5. Enter the unlock code : the unlock code
6. The phone will then reboot
7. Unlock is now complete
of Toronto
Fido LG Optimus L7
2015-04-25 |
4.3533/ 5stars
Hi, I love the service. I will certainly recommend it to people. Thanks!

of Vancouver
Rogers LG Optimus L7
2015-04-03 |
4.3492/ 5stars
Got code, unlocked phone on first try. Had to contact support regarding some help, and they were quick to respond.

of Surrey
Fido LG Optimus L7
2013-11-29 |
4.2496/ 5stars
Got the code, thanks a lot

of Delta
Rogers LG Optimus L7
2013-11-16 |
4.2458/ 5stars
Very fast

of Megantic
Fido LG Optimus L7
2013-07-11 |
4.2203/ 5stars
29 mins not bad! works too, I think I will refer this service to my friends

of Montreal
Rogers LG Optimus L7
2013-07-02 |
4.2190/ 5stars
Great service. Worked like a charm. Thank you once again. This is my second phone.