Samsung Galaxy S3 from Bell Network PIN Code Unlocking

Bell Network PIN Code Unlocking     Samsung Network PIN Code Unlocking

Bell Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Bell SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

Try this if you got "error Code" with the first set of instruction

1. Go to the Dial pad and dial *#197328640#
2. Please click on number [1] UMTS > [1] Debugging screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] NETWORK LOCK
3. You will see 3 options
4. Click on number [1] Perso Sha256 INFO, the screen will change slightly
5. Hit the MENU button then when the menu pops up please carefully hit BACK to return to the previous screen
6. Click on number [2] Perso Sha256 ON, the screen will change again to a one line message
7. Restart the phone on the screen by holding the power button and click RESTART
8. When the phone prompts for the unlock code, enter : the unlock code
9. Your phone is now unlocked!
of Montreal
Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-08-21 |
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Got the code after 3 hours! Thanks so much!

of Toronto
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-08-20 |
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Thanx my phone is unlocked now

of Brompton
Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-08-19 |
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Good service! Fast proceed. I always go here for unlock cell phone.

of Nottawa
Koodo Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-08-11 |
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Worked as advertised for my Rogers BlackBerry...Thanks

of Whitby
Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-30 |
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thank you for your quick reply!

of roberval
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-26 |
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Code worked well!Nice job!!

of Toronto
Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-22 |
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The code arrived in a few hours and worked with no problem!

of Nepean
mobilicitybb Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-22 |
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Thank-you for your support. I entered the unlock code and it worked. Regards

of Toronto
bellsamsung Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-17 |
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Thank you very much worked like a charm .

of Whitby
Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-15 |
4.5804/ 5stars
First time user and I am very happy with the outcome as the phone unlocked successfully! Took a little less than 10hrs to get the code. Thanks for a great service!

of Halifax
Tellus BlackBerry Q10
2020-04-13 |
4.5792/ 5stars
its work tank you so much

of winnipeg
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-07 |
4.5757/ 5stars
I found this site was easier to send my info and cheaper has to be to good to be true. Same phone only $20. Thought i would have to wait a few days..... WHAT it took them 20 minutes!!!! By the way the code works. I never leave feed back but I had to today. I am so proud a Canadian company is doing things faster and cheaper. I am going to tell everyone about your site keep up the great work.Devin

of Montreal
Bell Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-05 |
4.5746/ 5stars
You guys are awesome.. thanks

of Edmonton
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-04 |
4.5739/ 5stars
Code worked,Price is very reasonable. If needed I will try this service again for myself.Thanks

of Calgary
Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-03 |
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The whole process was straight-forward and worked like a charm. Couldn't ask for anything easier. Thanks.

of city
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-03 |
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thank you very much for your work

of Vancouver
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-03 |
4.5731/ 5stars
I unlocked at least 4 units with and so far it worked every time! The delay to receive the code was also very short every time! Thank you!

of Sarnia
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-04-02 |
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That was extremely fast had the code in a couple of hours the way I like it will do business again

of Toronto
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-31 |
4.5717/ 5stars
I got the unlocked code and instructions on how to do it. It worked. Once I had the code it only took a few minutes to do and I was done. Thank you for this great service. Unbelievably simple. Thanks again

of North Vancouver
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-30 |
4.5712/ 5stars
This is the 3rd time I'm using this site and service is great! Getting the code within a few minutes isn't that important to me as long as the code is genuine and works, which it does every time!

of Quebec
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-30 |
4.5711/ 5stars
La seule compagnie qui a réussi à débloquer mon HTC j'ai essayé 3 autres compagnie avant Merci beaucoup !

of Guelph
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-29 |
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thank you so much works like a charm

of Waterloo
Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-29 |
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Thank you!

of city
Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-26 |
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it work ...thank you very much

of Hamilton
Tellus Samsung Galaxy S3
2020-03-24 |
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Activation en quelques secondes! Je dois avouer que j'ai hésité, mais ça en a valu le coup. Merci!!