HTC One X from Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking

Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking     HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking
Telus HTC One X

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your HTC One X

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Telus SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

Telus HTC one X
2019-10-27 |
4.4778/ 5stars
it worked very well with my sansumg galaxy s2 x.The process was very easy and fast.Definitely I would recommend this site to others

of Burnaby
Koodo HTC one X
2019-10-13 |
4.4700/ 5stars
Wow only took 3 minutes to unlock my Samsung S3 Mini. I'm a repeat customer. I'll be back again......

of Edmonton
Rogers HTC one X
2014-02-22 |
4.2714/ 5stars
I have gotten it to work. thanks for your help.

of Surrey
Rogers HTC one X
2013-07-31 |
4.2226/ 5stars

of Toronto
Rogers HTC one X
2013-07-19 |
4.2213/ 5stars
That was awesome. My first time to unlock a phone from a website and you have my trust. Quick and easy. 5 stars!

of Ottawa
Telus HTC one X
2013-06-11 |
4.2167/ 5stars
Code within 10 min, unlocked and back to Telus in only 5 more. Great service

of Quebec
Telus HTC one X
2012-10-19 |
4.1847/ 5stars
Fastest I've ever gotten an unlock code...Thanks

of Montreal
Rogers HTC one X
2012-06-28 |
4.1678/ 5stars
Awesome service, and really quick!

of Calgary
Rogers HTC One X
2012-05-26 |
4.1627/ 5stars
Fantastic job on the unlock of my HTC One X from Rogers. Great job at getting the unlock code to me in a very timely fashion!!

of Montreal
Rogers HTC one X
2012-04-22 |
4.1575/ 5stars
try many others website, only mobileincanada found a code for my brand new Htc One X THANKS!!!

of Toronto
Rogers HTC one X
2012-04-22 |
4.1574/ 5stars