LG Optimus 2X from President-Choice Network PIN Code Unlocking

President-Choice Network PIN Code Unlocking     LG Network PIN Code Unlocking
President-Choice LG Optimus 2X

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your LG Optimus 2X

1. Remove the SIM card from the phone
2. Power phone ON
3. Type 2945#*999# or 2945#*71001#
4. Enter in the unlock menu
5. Enter the unlock code : the unlock code
6. The phone will then reboot
7. Unlock is now complete
of Surrey
Fido LG Optimus 2X
2014-10-03 |
4.3159/ 5stars
Your service worked great!. I may definately use it for another cell phone I have. Thank you!

of Vaughan
Fido LG Optimus 2X
2014-05-23 |
4.2893/ 5stars
Thanks for your kindness and fast answer All done Thanks again

of Vancouver
Fido LG Optimus 2X
2014-03-19 |
4.2772/ 5stars
thank you very much

of St. Catharines
Vidéotron LG Optimus 2X
2013-10-31 |
4.2423/ 5stars
Merci pour votre collaboration.

of Montreal
Fido LG Optimus 2X
2013-08-15 |
4.2243/ 5stars
very good and fast service!

of Quebec
Vidéotron LG Optimus 2X
2012-10-09 |
4.1830/ 5stars
It works now and my fone is unlocked ! Go to hell videotron, thank you mobileincanada.com !!!

of city
Fido LG Optimus X2
2012-06-19 |
4.1669/ 5stars
Excellent service and fast response. Whole process took less then 5 minutes!

of Fort Saskatchewan
Fido LG Optimus 2X
2011-11-25 |
4.1309/ 5stars
Code worked great

of Calgary
wind LG Optimus 2X
2011-10-22 |
4.1216/ 5stars
Unlock was fast and service was excellent !!