LG Optimus One from T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking

T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking     LG Network PIN Code Unlocking

T-Mobile LG Optimus One

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your LG Optimus One

1. Remove the SIM card from the phone
2. Power phone ON
3. Type 2945#*500# or 2945#*71001#
4. Enter in the unlock menu
5. Enter the unlock code : the unlock code
6. The phone will then reboot
7. Unlock is now complete

8. If you get "error" try ONE time with this code : the unlock code
9. If you get again code error ask help in SUPPORT section...
of Vancouver
Tellus LG Optimus One P500h
2020-08-06 |
4.5942/ 5stars
Thanks the unlock code worked.

of Oakville
Tellus LG Optimus One
2020-04-19 |
4.5832/ 5stars
Great work at very reasonable price. Appriciated

of Norman Wells
Rogers LG Optimus One
2020-04-13 |
4.5793/ 5stars
Thanks! Got my S3 unlocked in 12 Hrs but it was worth it. Now works in Barbados. Currently unlocking my note then two more phones. :)

of sydney
Bell LG Optimus One
2020-03-31 |
4.5715/ 5stars
Phone unlocked, it works Thx

of Calgary
Rogers LG Optimus One
2020-03-30 |
4.5709/ 5stars
good joob

of Laval
Bell LG Optimus One
2020-03-28 |
4.5700/ 5stars
Its unlocked now..the unlock code worked

of Sydney
Koodo LG Optimus One
2020-03-05 |
4.5558/ 5stars
Very nice service!

of Surrey
Tellus LG Optimus One
2020-02-22 |
4.5485/ 5stars

of Brampton
Bell LG Optimus One
2020-02-08 |
4.5401/ 5stars

of Penticton
Tellus LG Optimus One
2020-01-08 |
4.5218/ 5stars
Amazing service with easy to use website.

of Montreal
Tellus LG Optimus One
2020-01-01 |
4.5174/ 5stars
The phone is unlocked and work properly. Thank you !

of st-michel
Rogers LG Optimus One
2019-12-26 |
4.5143/ 5stars
Fantastic! Worth the wait, definitely works!

of Saskatoon
Virgin Mobile LG Optimus One
2019-12-26 |
4.5139/ 5stars
Great service

of Winnipeg
Koodo LG
2019-12-20 |
4.5107/ 5stars
Thanks guys! Fast and work great!

of Coquitlam
Tellus LG Optimus One
2019-11-21 |
4.4930/ 5stars
I've been very happy with this service. First I unlocked an LG flip phone and now a Galaxy S2 both with satisfactory results. The price was good and I recommend this service to anyone wishing to unlock their phones.

of St-Constant
Tellus LG Optimus One
2019-11-07 |
4.4848/ 5stars
Thank you for the great support!

of Calgary, Ab
Bell LG Optimus One P500h
2019-10-19 |
4.4736/ 5stars
Fantastic service. Paid and got code in no time! Worked on keying in 2nd code.

of Maple
Koodo LG Optimus One
2016-02-02 |
4.4018/ 5stars
very straight forward...

of Carleton Place
Koodo LG Optimus One
2014-10-18 |
4.3194/ 5stars
Wow that was easy. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did. Thanks for the speedy service.

of Munster
Tellus LG Optimus One
2014-09-29 |
4.3141/ 5stars
Fast, easy, worked perfectly. I'll be doing this again with my other cell.

of Saskatoon
Tellus LG Optimus One
2014-03-26 |
4.2792/ 5stars
this was quick, less than one hour to unlock the phone.Good instructions. The one code sent worked first time.

of Surrey
Tellus LG Optimus One
2014-02-10 |
4.2687/ 5stars
LG Optimus one with tellus now unlocked. Happy with service.

of Lévis
Tellus LG Optimus One
2014-02-01 |
4.2656/ 5stars
that worked. Thank you very much for your assistance!

of Toronto
Koodo LG Optimus One
2013-08-05 |
4.2234/ 5stars
happy so far :-)

of LeGardeur
Koodo LG Optimus One
2013-06-18 |
4.2177/ 5stars
it works very well ty i apreciate so muchgreat job