HTC Desire Z from T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking

T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking     HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking
T-Mobile HTC Desire Z

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your HTC Desire Z

1. Switch ON your phone with a non T-Mobile SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

of Richmond Hill
Bell HTC Desire Z
2020-02-20 |
4.5477/ 5stars
thanks so much

of Lasalle
Fido HTC Desire Z
2020-01-20 |
4.5291/ 5stars
Thank you for the fast service.

of Montreal
Fido HTC Desire Z
2019-10-29 |
4.4791/ 5stars
Thank you so much! I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3 and wasn't able to unlock it myself. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of and find. Thanks to you I can now use my phone with ATT

of Kinkora
Bell HTC Desire Z
2016-09-19 |
4.4294/ 5stars
Fast and it work!

of Jimboomba
HTC HTC Desire Z
2014-08-27 |
4.3052/ 5stars
Thank you so much. I will definitely use you again.

of Burnaby
Bell HTC Desire Z
2013-08-06 |
4.2235/ 5stars
Very Fast! I got my unlock code in 20 minutes and the unlock was successful :).Best 15$ Ive spent on my phone.

of Burlington
Bell HTC Vision
2012-06-22 |
4.1674/ 5stars
Awesome fast and easy service. Thank you!

of Ottawa
Bell HTC Desire Z
2012-04-17 |
4.1562/ 5stars
This is WOW service. I will bookmark this page. I will be sending the link to my friends. This service is faster compare to those I used before. :)

of Chambly
Bell HTC Desire Z
2012-01-09 |
4.1410/ 5stars
Very quick service and the code works perfectly.Thanks

of Sherbrooke
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-12-22 |
4.1377/ 5stars
Wait time was about 25min. Worked on my HTC Desire Z! Price is not bad.

of Richmond
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-10-28 |
4.1228/ 5stars
Best mobile unlock site I've used. They always give you an estimated time of receiving the code but it always end up being earlier than expected (always within 24 hours)! Great site!

of city
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-09-27 |
4.1184/ 5stars
Easy to use site and easy to use checkout.

of Westbank
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-07-11 |
4.1057/ 5stars
Great job. Initially I was skeptical that this will work but after i tried to code it was unlock. Excellent work and thank you. I will recommend your service to anyone who need your help

of Brampton
Bell htc desire z
2011-07-04 |
4.1040/ 5stars
Exellent, worked like a charm.

of Langley
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-06-28 |
4.1034/ 5stars
Amazingly fast! Total turn around was under 10 minutes from when I found your website to my phone being unlocked!

of London
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-05-08 |
4.972/ 5stars
Amazing service. SO FAST. Recommended to everyone looking for unlock codes I come across!

of Montreal
Bell htc desire z
2011-04-16 |
4.934/ 5stars
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of Toronto
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-04-01 |
4.911/ 5stars
Thank you so much. My desire z got unlocked in under 15 min.

of Coquitlam
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-04-01 |
4.910/ 5stars
Great service. Fast and good instructions, thanks guys. HTC Desire Z successfully unlocked by

of Santiago
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-03-20 |
4.886/ 5stars
I´m from Chile and I bought a HTC Desire Z from Canada, this phone was locked from Bell and in 5 minutes i had my unlocked code, now i can use my Entel SIM in my country. Thanks!

of Port Coquitlam
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-02-27 |
4.872/ 5stars
Worked like a charm. thanks a lot.

of Cambridge
Bell Desire z
2011-02-05 |
4.840/ 5stars
Very Fast and Worked the first time. Faster than Ebay.

Bell htc desire z
2011-02-03 |
4.839/ 5stars
5-star service! super fast and fast support too!!!!

of Markham
Bell HTC Desire Z
2011-02-02 |
4.838/ 5stars
Received the code within 4 hours! Really fast service, unlocked my HTC Desire Z from Bell.

of toronto
Bell HTC desire z
2011-01-30 |
4.835/ 5stars
quick, reliable for a fair price, thank you guys. you are the only ones out of 8 sites who could provide me with a code and in less than 10 mins.