Samsung T356 Elevate from Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking

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Telus Samsung T356 Elevate

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Samsung T356 Elevate

Switch ON your phone without SIM Card.
Compose : #7465625*638*the unlock code#
Compose : #7465625*77*the unlock code#
of Toronto
Koodo Koodo Samsung Elevate SGH-T356
2014-08-04 |
4.3007/ 5stars
Within 30 minutes I got the code. Great Service. Thanks!

of Quebec
Koodo Koodo Samsung Elevate SGH-T356
2013-05-11 |
4.2128/ 5stars
Excellent service. Fast, Cheap, Easy, Reliable!

of Hamilton
Koodo Samsung Elevate T356
2012-08-31 |
4.1768/ 5stars
unlocked my samsung elevate t356 and omg, i was worried, and i followed the steps without sim card, and it did, then when after all instructions followed, put in sim card for overseas, and it asked for my code and 123 its done, wow...fantastic, now i have another phone unlocked ready to work anywhere any carrier and it was sooooooooo simple.....great work great instructions and thank you!!!!

of Cold Lake
Koodo Koodo Samsung Elevate SGH-T356
2011-12-24 |
4.1381/ 5stars
Thanks MobileinCanada!!! I unlocked my samsung elevate T356 in under 2 minutes... thanks!!!!!!!!!

of Isaszeg
Koodo Samsung Elevate T356
2011-07-05 |
4.1049/ 5stars
Thank You

of Toronto
Koodo Samsung Elevate T356
2011-06-07 |
4.1007/ 5stars
I went to four different places in Toronto to unlock my Samsung elevate T356 (KOODO), but they were all unable to unlock it, saying the phone has some sort of software problem. When I found mobileincanada website, I thought this might be a scam at first. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try, thinking I've got nothing to lose as I can cancel the transaction if it turns out to be a scam. Thankfully, it wasn't. I got the unlock code few hours after I submitted my order, and it worked perfectly fine :D I would definitely recommend this website to my friends and family in the future. TOTALLY LEGIT!!!

of repentigny
Koodo Samsung Elevate SGH-T356
2011-02-21 |
4.918/ 5stars
very nice people, support was very helpful regarding my issue , would recomend to anyone.