INQ Chat 3G from Tellus Network PIN Code Unlocking

Tellus Network PIN Code Unlocking     INQ Network PIN Code Unlocking

Tellus INQ Chat 3G

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your INQ Chat 3G

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Tellus SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

of Toronto
Rogers INQ Chat 3G
2020-09-24 |
4.6038/ 5stars
very happy, it takes 1 hour but it works samsung s5 neo is unlocked.thanks guys!!!

of Granby
Rogers INQ Chat 3G
2020-08-04 |
4.5917/ 5stars
it work thanks You ..

of Sherbrooke
Tellus iNQ Chat 3G
2020-04-23 |
4.5852/ 5stars
Very Happy!!! My phone was unlocked in minutes. So happy I used MobileInCanada and it was nice to pay a fraction of the price I would be charged with my provider! Thank You!!

of Montreal
Bell iNQ Chat 3G
2020-03-16 |
4.5627/ 5stars
Quick and Easy!

of Longueuil
Koodo iNQ Chat 3G
2020-03-08 |
4.5576/ 5stars
Excellent service. I had my unlock code within 15 mins and it worked just fine. Thanks.

of Lassomption
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2020-03-03 |
4.5546/ 5stars
ca fonctionne. Merci beaucoup

of Whitby
Virgin Mobile INQ mini
2020-01-29 |
4.5344/ 5stars
Got my code in 7 minutes.

of Vancouver
Rogers INQ Chat 3G
2020-01-28 |
4.5336/ 5stars
Quick And Easy! thanks

of Montreal
Tellus INQ 3G
2019-12-26 |
4.5141/ 5stars
Just got it. Never mind ;)

of Sherbrooke
Rogers iNQ Chat 3G
2019-11-18 |
4.4915/ 5stars
This is the best deal for unlocking phones !

of Wainwright
Virgin Mobile INQ
2019-11-16 |
4.4903/ 5stars
Thanks Great servie!

of Banff
Koodo INQ Chat 3G
2012-12-26 |
4.1952/ 5stars
thank you, my cell phone is unlocked and its working fine. Super!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will recommend your company to my friends too.wish you guys a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

of city
Koodo INQ Chat 3G
2012-09-19 |
4.1798/ 5stars
I am quite happy with this service. I received my unlock code and it works just fine. It also cost less to unlock it here than with my service provider. Thank you for your help. Cheers.

of Vancouver
Koodo INQ Chat 3G
2012-08-23 |
4.1760/ 5stars
Thank you very much the code works great service will use again.Thanks again.

of Qubec
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2012-07-28 |
4.1724/ 5stars
Fantastic service than you sooo much

of Richmond
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2012-06-08 |
4.1649/ 5stars
WOW! What wonderful service!! I ordered my unlock code for my iNQ Chat 3G and received it within 15 minutes! I am really impressed by this. The best part is - the unlock code worked on the first try!! Thanks so much for everything!

of Toronto
Koodo INQ Chat 3G
2012-05-04 |
4.1599/ 5stars
koodo was gonna charge me 50 bucks to unlock my phone! thanks guys!

of Quebec
Koodo INQ Chat 3G
2012-04-16 |
4.1551/ 5stars
Ok thank you very much for fast response :)

of Kingstown
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2012-03-15 |
4.1482/ 5stars
A .... good service and good information for any novice to unlock their phone.. THANKS ALOT!

of city
tellusinq INQ Chat 3G
2012-03-06 |
4.1466/ 5stars
Thank you mobilecanada my phone work well with bell, I will use your service again.

of Laval
three INQ mini
2012-02-04 |
4.1457/ 5stars
I am very pleased with the service.Thanks again.

of Surrey
Tellus INQ 3G Chat
2011-12-06 |
4.1430/ 5stars
great site. i have told many friends about how easy it was to unlock my phone using the code i got from you. reasonable price too

tellusinq INQ
2012-01-13 |
4.1418/ 5stars
Thank you!! this code works I introduce anyone to this website!!

of Oshawa
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2011-12-26 |
4.1386/ 5stars
It worked. Awesome. Thanks.

of Vancouver
Tellus INQ Chat 3G
2011-12-26 |
4.1385/ 5stars
Fast and easy. Thank you!