HTC Desire from Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking

Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking     HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking
Telus HTC Desire

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your HTC Desire

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Telus SIM Card,
2. Phone shows "Enter Special Code" or "Enter Network Code",
3. You can now enter : the unlock code
4. Your cellphone is now unlocked

of Forestville
Koodo HTC Desire
2020-04-02 |
4.5728/ 5stars
It worked. Thank-You

of Toronto
Koodo HTC Desire
2020-03-23 |
4.5670/ 5stars
That worked

of Caledon
Koodo HTC Desire HD
2020-03-21 |
4.5655/ 5stars
Thank you very much worked like a charm .

of Cornwall
Koodo HTC Desire
2020-03-18 |
4.5640/ 5stars
Code worked right away !!

of Montreal
Bell HTC Desire
2020-03-05 |
4.5560/ 5stars
Works at the first try! I tried C...d R...c and they can't find the code. Another satisfied customer...

of Ottawa
Virgin Mobile HTC Desire
2020-01-27 |
4.5330/ 5stars
i receive my unlock code 1 hours after my order , i enter my code and my cellphone is unlock .thanks its good .

of Kirkland
Bell HTC Desire
2020-01-26 |
4.5327/ 5stars
Thank you so much. I successfully unlocked the phone.

of Alberta
Koodo HTC Desire
2020-01-11 |
4.5236/ 5stars
Thank you for your fast service and my phone is now unlock.

of Calgary
Koodo HTC Desire
2019-11-11 |
4.4869/ 5stars
Great Service.

of Toronto
Virgin Mobile HTC Desire
2019-11-08 |
4.4852/ 5stars
PERFECT. I have been try to get an unlock code for this phone for six months and was told by everyone it was not possible. You proved them all wrong. I wish I would have found you first. Thanks You.

of Surrey
Rogers htc desire
2019-11-05 |
4.4837/ 5stars
Thank you

of Lebourgneuf
Bell HTC Desire
2019-10-22 |
4.4752/ 5stars
LG Optimus One debarrer! Encore une fois, merci!

of Ingleside
Telus HTC Desire
2016-09-24 |
4.4310/ 5stars
Quick and accurate service.No problems, worked first time

of Edmonton
Telus HTC Desire
2014-07-17 |
4.2967/ 5stars
Very fast! Worked perfectly!

of Regina
Telus HTC Desire
2013-10-30 |
4.2417/ 5stars
I spent a really long time trying to unlock this phone, turns out the HBOOT version was too high. Tried rooting it to revert the version back down, but that backfired. I heard you guys charged less for unlock codes, so after this code comes through, I have a feeling I probably should have just came here first. Thanks guys.

of Quebec
Telus HTC Desire
2012-10-22 |
4.1850/ 5stars
Yes yes, it works!! I had to enter PIN two times on HTC Desire but it works!

of Nanaimo
Telus HTC Desire
2012-08-23 |
4.1759/ 5stars
Holy Toledo That Was Fast! Thanks for the great service. Much cheaper than Telus sending me the unlock code.

of Montreal
Telus HTC Desire
2012-07-26 |
4.1720/ 5stars
Code came in 10 mins for my HTC Desire. works like a charm! It's finally unlocked!!

of Nanaimo
Telus HTC Desire
2012-05-21 |
4.1620/ 5stars
Thanks for all your help

of Calgary
Telus HTC Desire
2012-05-18 |
4.1618/ 5stars
I got the code entered it and my phone is now unlocked, thanks!

of Toronto
Telus HTC Desire
2012-04-11 |
4.1522/ 5stars
THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I tried a couple sites and no one has been able to get my HTC Desire unlocked!! It literally took about 7 mins and I got my unlock code! YOU GUYS ROCK...Thanks a billion from Beautiful British Columbia :)

of city
Telus HTC Desire
2012-01-28 |
4.1442/ 5stars
Thanks for the good service and quick response.

of Charlesbourg
Telus HTC Desire
2011-12-11 |
4.1405/ 5stars
Hi, it just worked as stated in your website. Had a lock cellphone, unlocked with you, took it to Guatemala and Costa Rica (Central America) and worked flawlessly! Thanks!

of city
Telus htc desire
2011-12-08 |
4.1400/ 5stars
worked with no difficulties.great service

of Medicine Hat
Telus HTC Desire
2011-12-20 |
4.1374/ 5stars
worked as a charm, and less than half price my provider is asking to do the same... thank youuu soooooo much