Blackberry 9700 from Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking

Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking     RIM Network PIN Code Unlocking
Rogers Blackberry 9700

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Blackberry 9700

You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps (can be active or inactive )
Make sure the phone is not displaying the low battery warning!

1. Power on
2. Go to settings :

3. Go to advanced options :

4. Go to sim card :

5. Type MEPD :

6. Type MEP [Keep press Alt and press 2] :

7. It will ask you for the unlock code --> the unlock code :

8.Enter it and your phone is unlocked! :

of Edmonton
Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Bold 2
2020-04-15 |
4.5807/ 5stars
Awesome. Worked perfectly. Had my code the next morning. Thanks

of Langley
Koodo Blackberry 9780
2020-04-11 |
4.5782/ 5stars
will recommend you!

of Ladriere
Telus BlackBerry Bold 2
2020-01-24 |
4.5316/ 5stars
very good and fast service!

telusbb BlackBerry Bold 2
2019-12-12 |
4.5056/ 5stars
It took 2hrs to get the code but when I did get it, it worked perfectly! Thnx!

of Lebourgneuf
Rogers Blackberry Bold
2019-12-06 |
4.5023/ 5stars

of St. Catharines
Rogers BlackBerry Bold 2
2019-12-02 |
4.4997/ 5stars
I am a returning customer and couldn't be happier with the service provided. has saved my Moto G from collecting dust under my bed. :D

of Burnaby
Rogers BlackBerry Bold 2
2019-11-22 |
4.4936/ 5stars
2 for 2 /good quick service

of Barrie
Rogers BlackBerry Bold 2
2019-11-10 |
4.4864/ 5stars
this is the second phone I've had unlock using this service, just had an Iphone 4s unlocked from rogers. Thanks again, will recommend this site to anyone.

of Edmonton
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2019-10-25 |
4.4768/ 5stars
Thank you once again for helping me get my device unlocked. It's comforting to rely on your service. The turn around time is fantastic. The fee you charge is half of the carrier. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for the service you provide. Thank you again.Jeffery

of Chelsea
Rogers Lg G4
2016-02-11 |
4.4027/ 5stars
Thanks for nice and fast service! get my code in 20 minutes!

of Burnaby
Rogers BlackBerry Bold 2
2015-08-12 |
4.3698/ 5stars
Super fast service, I unlocked three blackberries with this service, never had problems. Always received a response in less than 30 seconds. Very satisfied !

of Calgary
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2014-08-25 |
4.3049/ 5stars
Very Prompt customer service regarding unlocking help. Thanks guys!

of Calgary
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2014-08-25 |
4.3048/ 5stars
Super fast code generation! This is the second time I've used the service, and I'm just as impressed this time around!

of Toronto
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2014-07-04 |
4.2947/ 5stars
unlock code showed up in less than 1 minute.

of Toronto
Rogers Blackberry 9780
2014-06-20 |
4.2930/ 5stars
Thank you! This literally took minutes to do, I checked it by popping in another sim card and it worked perfectly.

of Digby
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2014-04-07 |
4.2823/ 5stars
I appreciate your service and will do business with you again in the future

of LAssomption
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2013-11-21 |
4.2465/ 5stars
Tout fonctionne. Merci beaucoup

of Montreal
Bell Blackberry 9780
2013-11-13 |
4.2452/ 5stars
I will not hesitate to try you guys again if i need another phone unlocked.

of Banff
Telus BlackBerry Bold 2
2013-09-13 |
4.2305/ 5stars
is work, thank you

of Toronto
Rogers BlackBerry Bold 2
2013-09-04 |
4.2284/ 5stars
Awesome service - worked first timereasonable price too

of Montreal
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2013-06-27 |
4.2187/ 5stars
it worked!! Thank you very much!

of St-Hubert
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2012-12-14 |
4.1929/ 5stars
It worked very well!! All the best,

of Quebec
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2012-12-07 |
4.1916/ 5stars
Great service! MEP2 and MEP4 codes entered and valid. Received codes in a few seconds!

of Limoilou
Bell Blackberry 9780
2012-09-06 |
4.1776/ 5stars
Everything works fine. Thanks for your help.

of Calgary
Bell BlackBerry Bold 2
2012-08-20 |
4.1756/ 5stars