LG Cookie de ATT Code Pin Deblocage Reseau

ATT Code Pin Deblocage Reseau     LG Code Pin Deblocage Reseau
ATT LG Cookie

Comment Debloquer le Reseau Code Pin de votre LG Cookie

1. Retirer la carte SIM de l'appareil
2. Allumer le l'appareil
3. Tappez 2945#*500# ou 2945#*71001#
4. Entrer dans le menu de deblocage
5. Entrer le code de deblocage : the unlock code
of Campbell River
Telus Cookie Plus
2011-03-08 |
4.877/ 5stars
Worked like a charm! I'm very impressed. Fair pricing and excellent service. I think the only problem I had, was that it wasn't very clear anywhere that LG Phones often take longer than other phones. Otherwise, you guys were phenomenal! Will be doing business with you again!