Apple iPhone 3GS from Tellus Network PIN Code Unlocking

Tellus Network PIN Code Unlocking     Apple Network PIN Code Unlocking

Tellus Apple iPhone 3GS

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Apple iPhone 3GS

iPhone DOSEN'T need a code to unlock it, please follow instruction below...

You can try instruction before we provide the confirmation,

1. Switch ON your phone with a non Tellus SIM card
2. Plug your iPhone on your comptuer
3. Start iTunes on your computer
4. When the unlock is ready you will get this :

of Laval
Bell Apple iPhone 4S
2020-02-13 |
4.5432/ 5stars
Great job guys. We see that you are well structured.Nice feedback!I am impressed by your professionalism!I will not hesitate to recommend you!Thank you team!==================Beau travail! On voit que vous êtes bien structuré.Bon feedback! Je suis impressionné de par votre professionnalisme!Je n?hésiterai pas à vous recommander!Merci à l?équipe!

of Edmonton
Tellus iPhone 3GS
2020-02-04 |
4.5377/ 5stars
Merci beaucoup pour votre service, le premier code ne fonctionnait pas mais le second proposer en cas d'erreur a marcher, mon cellulaire est debloquer en 2 tentatives donc. Ca va grandement m'aider.

of Cornwall
Tellus iPhone 3GS
2020-01-14 |
4.5253/ 5stars
it worked thank u

of Montreal
Tellus Apple iPhone 4S
2013-06-13 |
4.2170/ 5stars
thanks got it phone works ok

of Toronto
Rogers iPhone 3GS
2013-04-11 |
4.2108/ 5stars
Thank you for service, I understand that the unlock could not be done, I will still continue to use this unlock service, as they I do love the service, and understand that not all phones may be able to unlock. Iphones are a pain. 10/10 rating still from me.