Sony Ericsson C510 from Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking

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Rogers Sony Ericsson C510

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Sony Ericsson C510

If your phone has a "JOGDIAL" (for example SonyEricsson K700i), then you must press the "down arrow" instead of the "left arrow" for step 3 & 5. By "Down Arrow" I mean directing the Jogdial down!

***For the unlocking of a locked  Sony Ericsson no sim card is required.
1. Turn on the handset.
2. Display will indicate “Insert SIM.”
3. Press the left Arrow (<) button.
4. Press the star (*) button twice.
5. Press the left Arrow (<) button again. 
6. Wait approximately three seconds.
7. The display will indicate “Network” and a picture of a closed lock.

8. Press Select.
9. The display will indicate “Unlock (Net) 5” and “NCK:”

10. Enter the unlock code provided you
11. Press okay.
12. The handset will display “Network unlocked” and the display “Insert SIM” appears.
13. The handset is successfully unlocked.

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Rogers Sony Ericsson C510
2011-08-28 |
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recieved within 12 hrs just as advertised. Provided phone code other unlocking services COULD NOT.

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Thanks for your help. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

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The process was simple and fast. The instruction provided were clear. I like the link provided to track the order.