HTC Hero from Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking

Telus Network PIN Code Unlocking     HTC Network PIN Code Unlocking
Telus HTC Hero

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your HTC Hero

To get data and internet working on Rogers 3G network : Programs --> Settings --> Wireless controls --> Mobile network --> Mobile Network Settings --> Access Point Names --> Menu --> New APN --> Name = "xxx"
APN = ""
Username = "wapuser1"
Password = "wap"
of London
Bell HTC Hero
2020-04-02 |
4.5729/ 5stars
The code and instructions to unlock the phone wroked well.

of Kingstown
Telus HTC Hero
2014-09-30 |
4.3149/ 5stars
I am Mowatt from St Vincent and the grenadines, I got an htc from canada and after ordering my unlock code i got it in about 10 minutes, I simply placed in a different sim card then entered my unlock code and that was it..excelent service, quick and reliable...i would definitly recomend you to others.

of Kelowna
Telus HTC Hero
2012-08-18 |
4.1755/ 5stars
Very good stuff. Sent my code fairly quickly and it worked. Thank you

of Westbank
Telus HTC Hero
2012-05-22 |
4.1621/ 5stars
Thank you very much!

of Kelowna
Telus HTC Hero
2011-07-07 |
4.1054/ 5stars
Unlock code worked awsome. Thanks

of Montreal
Telus HTC Hero
2011-07-04 |
4.1047/ 5stars
Great service! I ordered my unlock code in the evening and got it 2 hours later , and it worked perfectly! Thanks! :)

of Mont-Laurier
Telus HTC Hero
2011-07-04 |
4.1043/ 5stars
Service très rapide et de confiance! Site Internet très facile d'approche sans faille! Merci!

of penetang
Telus HTC Hero
2011-06-04 |
4.1004/ 5stars
OMG you guys aree the greatest people on the face of the earth, thank you soo much i will recommend you to all of my friends, and make sure you get out there! :) thanx soo much

of Regina
Telus HTC Hero
2011-05-11 |
4.975/ 5stars
Greta quick reliable service! Had my code before I woke up this morning! And works perfect too! Thanks again!

of aldergrove
2011-04-24 |
4.951/ 5stars
this is great it worked for me and it only took 45 min. if im going to unlock a fone im defenently coming here!

of Rimouski
Telus HTC Hero
2011-01-07 |
4.783/ 5stars
Fonctionne tres bien et les technicien sont tres rapide, merci

of Toronto
Telus HTC Hero
2011-01-06 |
4.781/ 5stars
Thanks for the code it worked great!!!

of North Vancouver
Telus HTC Hero
2010-12-15 |
4.716/ 5stars
Took 40 minutes, worked as advertised. Well worth the $20!

of Halifax
Telus HTC Hero
2010-11-23 |
4.655/ 5stars
Great service, got my unlock code withing an hour.

of Ecatepec
Telus HTC Hero
2010-09-17 |
4.570/ 5stars
Awesome site has made my traveling so easy

of Undisclosed
Telus HTC Hero
2010-08-03 |
4.502/ 5stars
It took you five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. You're fast and awesome. Kudos.

of Brampton
Telus HTC Hero
2010-07-21 |
4.473/ 5stars
Time to deliver unlock code for a Telus HTC Hero: 1hr 52mins! Thanks MIC!

of Markham
Rogers HTC Hero
2010-05-10 |
4.364/ 5stars
Once again...prompt quick, and unbeatable service...highly recommended.

of Ottawa
Telus HTC Hero
2010-03-01 |
4.323/ 5stars
Absolutely amazing, I received my unlock code within 20 minutes!

of Vancouver
Telus HTC Hero
2010-02-08 |
4.308/ 5stars
Works like a charm! Fast response. Thanks

of Vapi
Telus HTC Hero
2010-01-28 |
4.296/ 5stars
it worked for me amazingly...thanks a million..i would recommend this site for unlocking phones. mine just got unlocked in few minutes and so easily....cheers

of Herriot Bay
Telus HTC Hero
2010-01-17 |
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Worked perfectly. Received Code in less than 1 hour. Thank you.

of Oshawa
Rogers HTC Hero
2010-01-16 |
4.280/ 5stars
Excellent service. I had my unlock code within 15 minutes. Everything works perfectly.

of Ottawa
Telus HTC Hero
2009-12-17 |
4.259/ 5stars
Thanks so much this worked perfectly on my TELUS HTC Hero!!

of Toronto
Rogers HTC Hero
2009-12-16 |
4.256/ 5stars
Thanks guys, i really appretiate your help. I got the Unlock Code and I unlocked it within 90 Seconds. Thanks again