Blackberry 8900 Curve from Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking

Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking     RIM Network PIN Code Unlocking
Rogers Blackberry 8900 Curve

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Blackberry 8900 Curve

You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps (can be active or inactive )
Make sure the phone is not displaying the low battery warning!

1. Power on
2. Go to settings :

3. Go to advanced options :

4. Go to sim card :

5. Type MEPD :

6. Type MEP [Keep press Alt and press 2] :

7. It will ask you for the unlock code :

the unlock code

8.Enter it and your phone is unlocked! :

of Mississauga
Rogers Blackberry 8900
2010-12-21 |
4.724/ 5stars
Quick and efficient unlocking!

of Burnaby
Rogers Blackberry Javelin
2010-12-01 |
4.688/ 5stars
this is awesome. thanks mobileincanada!

of markham
Rogers blackberry 8900
2010-11-26 |
4.673/ 5stars
Hey thanks for the quick response on getting my unlock code for my BB, simply awesome. Great reliable and a very quick.

of L'Ile-Bizard
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2010-11-25 |
4.660/ 5stars
Wow! 5 minutes and I received my unlock code with very clear instructions.

Rogers BlackBerry curve 8900
2010-10-20 |
4.615/ 5stars
Ridiculously fast, with clear and easy to use instructions to boot! What more could you ask for?

Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2010-06-08 |
4.414/ 5stars
very reliable and fast transaction. would do business with again

of Toronto
Rogers BlackBerry Curve Javelin 8900
2010-03-21 |
4.334/ 5stars
Worked great!!!!! Thx

of Brampton
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2010-02-16 |
4.315/ 5stars
Thank you! That was very easy, your screen shots were very helpful.

of Scarborough
Rogers Blackberry 8900
2009-12-16 |
4.255/ 5stars
Reasonable price, very quick response, got unlock code within 30 minutes. Will recommend to friends. Keep up the good work! :)

of Ottawa
Rogers Blackberry curve 8900
2009-12-12 |
4.252/ 5stars
thank you so much guys! appreciate it! keep it up!

of North York
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2009-11-16 |
4.224/ 5stars
Great overnight service, quick, simple and easy! Thank you et encore merci mille fois!

of Thorold
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2009-10-26 |
4.219/ 5stars
Thanks a lot, quick, cheap and easy. Doesn't get any better.

of Toronto
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2009-09-25 |
4.190/ 5stars
Thanks for this and easy. Just hope the code comes and is easy to enter :)

of Etobicoke
Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900
2009-07-20 |
4.138/ 5stars
Thanks so much for all your help, it was easier then I thought. Very good service. Will recomend to my friens.

of Mississauga
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2009-07-15 |
4.133/ 5stars
Supreme service!!! From the time order was placed to the time code recieved and phone unlocked 45 min. Extremely pleased customer! Will recommend to others.

of Port Coquitlam
Rogers Blackberry Curve 8900
2009-07-06 |
4.128/ 5stars
again fast and great service thanks

of Montreal
Rogers Blackberry Javelin 8900
2009-05-01 |
4.80/ 5stars
thank you it worked amazingly

of Airdrie
Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900
2009-04-13 |
4.68/ 5stars
I received the unlock code in only 6 hours(overnight) and followed the instructions. It worked like a charm! Thanks a lot! Now I will be able to use my phone in Europe without incurring roaming charges.

of Markham
Rogers Blackberry 8900
2009-04-13 |
4.67/ 5stars
Awesome unlock.. It works on my BB javelin! Strongly recommended.

of Victoria
Rogers Blackberrry Curve 8900
2009-03-15 |
4.34/ 5stars
Thanks so much for your help and your service. It works perfectly... :)

of Sherbrooke
Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900
2009-03-14 |
4.31/ 5stars
Thanks for your prompt and courteous service. Much appreciated

of Calgary
Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900
2009-02-01 |
4.10/ 5stars
Wow too fast, thanks you