LG Phoenix from T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking

T-Mobile Network PIN Code Unlocking     LG Network PIN Code Unlocking
T-Mobile LG Phoenix

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your LG Phoenix

1. Remove the SIM card from the phone
2. Power phone ON
3. Type 2945#*505# or 2945#*71001#
4. Enter in the unlock menu
5. Enter the unlock code : the unlock code
6. The phone will then reboot
7. Unlock is now complete
of Montreal
Fido LG Phoenix
2019-11-24 |
4.4950/ 5stars
Got my code for my Galaxy S3 in a few hours. It worked like a charm for me

of Sioux Lookout
Rogers LG Phoenix
2013-04-12 |
4.2109/ 5stars
Thanks your the best.

of Oshawa
Rogers LG Phoenix
2012-12-18 |
4.1938/ 5stars
Worked great and really fast like you said...thanks!

of Edmonton
Rogers LG Phoenix
2012-04-13 |
4.1527/ 5stars
Unlocked First try without any issue.