Palm One Treo 650 from Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking

Rogers Network PIN Code Unlocking     Palm Network PIN Code Unlocking
Rogers Palm One Treo 650

How to Network PIN Code Unlock your Palm One Treo 650

1. Switch ON your phone with a not allowed SIM Card,
2. It will then say "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card".
3. Click ok.
4. Click dialpad tab, bottom of the screen far left.
5. Using stylus type *#*#the unlock code#.
6. Press the green button.
7. It will then say "The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone".


of Mississauga
Rogers Palm Treo 650
2009-12-31 |
4.269/ 5stars
Thank you MobileInCanada, that was fast , I got my phone unlocked with no problems

of Ottawa
ATT Cingular Palm Treo 650
2009-09-24 |
4.188/ 5stars
Thank you. It worked perfectly. Cheers!